Progress Development and Maintenance

Pronto Progress became a partner of Progress® Software Corporation, Ticker PRGS in 1990. Pronto Progress has maintained a deep understanding and appreciation of the utility of the language and the database of Progress®. Pronto mainly works QAD, INFOR and EPICOR®. They have their roots in the Progress 4th G/L language or still utilize the language. This is because INFOR and EPICOR are now a 100% .NET stack. A multitude of other systems are supported by Pronto Progress including Warehouse and Distribution solutions from Apero and legacy systems such as Syteline, Symix, Syman, Vantage and Vista. If you have it, we'll support it. Pronto Progress will get your business working efficiently with the technology stack already in place.


All databases are monitored to insure proper backups are being made. We also assure the recovery of the database from a backup. We check databases against any corruption. Pronto also updates any database software, provides installation of all patches, index and stored procedure integrity. Pronto's developers also engage in efficiency monitoring, query tuning, database locking and database tuning. Schema changes are reviewed and applied. Each client is given personalized advice on database management manners. The ERP & CORE ERP databases are Microsoft SQL, ORACLE and PROGRESS. This service often extends to other databases such as Microsoft Access or MySQL.


Pronto provides reporting support for automated document production, debugging, design, filtering, formatting, functional fitness, and summarization. Developers at Pronto provide support for speciality label printers such as Zebra label and reporting written in Progress® 4thGL or its derivatives. Pronto supports database reporting tools your business uses such as Microsoft Access, SQL or custom/legacy reporting. ODBC and other database connectivity are also supported.


Pronto is a business partner of Rocket Software maker of CorVu. We also support other business intelligence software. Support packages include upgrades, installation, user training and development of data cubes and reporting views. This is all done at the direction and request of the client.

Don't see something that fits your needs? We pride ourselves on custom software.Whether it be fully integrating your business with SQL server tools, or implementing an ERP through EPICOR.
We want to be available to you for everything including updates, reporting - anything that you need "Done Once Done Right". Offices serving you in Waukesha, WI, Saint Petersburg, FL, Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA.
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The Network monitoring tool requires network server space or a dedicated workstation appliance on premise. From time to time the monitoring tool will issue network alerts to potential trouble areas. If the issue requires anything other than routine maintenance, a helpdesk case may be opened resulting in a helpdesk charge. PRONTO utilizes LogicMonitor® a solution that monitors various devices and servers continuously and will be installed on CLIENT’s site.


ERP related process improvements, customization requests, training, integrations and break/fix support is the pre-eminent service provided by this agreement. The client must utilize QAD, EPICOR or INFOR ERP software (CORE ERP). Clients may use any other ERP software. Pronto will support that ERP for the client. All tickets opened on either an ERP & CORE ERP or other software will be solved in a manner which least impacts the upgradeability of that software.


Network and security support includes any network or security related issues. This may range from connectivity to utilization and performance. The issues may be related to viruses, denial of service attacks, firmware upgrades, ISP outages and so forth. Support will certainly include working with specific vendors to resolve the issue(s) and may include recommendations for hardware or wiring.


Client hardware including any server, work station, printer, switch, hub, modem and wiring may be included in this service. Procurement of hardware, including quoting and selection or guidance of hardware will be supported.

Drafting & Engineering

Drafting & Engineering

Autodesk and SOLIDWORKS shall be supported. Support will include all typical support such as issue resolution and patches, and may extend to training. Support may, at the client’s discretion, encompass work product by way of updated designs and work load augmentation. Integration and coupling of CAD with ERP quoting is an often used skill of PRONTO.


Microsoft Office assistance, and similar products, including but not limited to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Outlook will be provided. This support will include how-to, formulations, best practices, tips and know-how which may include writing scripts or macros. The hours for the OFFICE HELP DESK are from 8AM-5PM CT, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. All tickets can be opened 24 hours a day by emailing or by calling (262) 524-5500 during business hours (8AM-5PM CT)


You probably know what a Managed Service Provider is. Now, take that to the Enterprise level, where Pronto will support your EPICOR, QAD or INFOR ERP, and all their down-rev versions AS WELL AS your network, administration and all the Integration with those systems every enterprise uses to be competitive today. No silos, just solutions. Why something doesn't work is secondary to getting you back in the game.

Traditional - On/Off SITE - Dedicated

Many of Pronto's engagements have lasted for years, sometimes full time, often only part time but always with the same dedicated resource that the client has come to know. Consider the serious advantages of using a Pronto resource who already knows some of your business practices, culture and goals then multiply that advantage over the course of a decade.

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Whether you engage Pronto as an Enterprise Service Provider or you have a Pronto resource working issues on a budget, clients often have larger projects that require significant investment and must be managed both as to content and as to price so that the return on the investment that was projected at the inception of the project may be realized. For those instances, in conjunction with or outside other services, Pronto stands ready to develop a full functional specification, detail design, implementation plan and training schedule for the life cycle of the project. If you have a project, documented savings, market penetration, new product or other return and you need to deliver on budget to that target THIS service is for you.