RS is an integrated front to back ERP solution that enhances processes such as "Quote to Cash", "Issue To Resolution", and our favorite "Idea To Offering" through EPICOR. This medical device ERP caters to medical device businesses engaged in rental, leasing, manufacturing, and field service operations. Our RS ERP specializes in features beneficial to Executives, Managers, and Operations.

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RS is focused on the velocity of the medical device business sector

Let RS help you create an improved and efficient way of doing things that will pay for itself in value. Improve your business processes today with a loyal company like Pronto Progress.

<h2>The Future and Sustainability</h2>

The Future and Sustainability

• Broaden the horizons of your company and go international at any point across multiple tax jurisdictions, different currencies, and multiple languages
• Keep the same secure system with the latest security patches
RS is formed for medical devices, and updated frequently to remain sustainably cutting edge

<h2>Simplify operations</h2>

Simplify operations

• Streamline business processes through one entry point and eliminate spread sheets
• Shorten Time To Market
• Improve GL controls

<h2>Slash the compliance process</h2>

Slash the compliance process

• Breeze through audits
Containment; Trace users, pinpoint faulty machinery and products
•Eliminate the effort needed to close the books

Without RS

Fat processes, misunderstandings, and time wasted on things that could be optimized.

With RS

A sustainable cutting edge business made possible with the RS medical device software solution.


Refine your processes, and advance your business today

Accomplish the business objective

Find your ERP software solution. We can help you with the task of finding a new medical device software system that can grow with your company.

<h2>A front to back ERP software</h2>

A front to back ERP software

• Sustainably cutting edge software indefinitely
• Streamline business processes through one entry point and eliminate spread sheets
• Leverage GL Controls to automatically route transactions to the same set of accounts every time

<h2>Improve Your Technology</h2>

Improve Your Technology

• Seamlessly integrate with existing technologies
• Different functional areas can have different views of the same screen with access to only the fields they need

<h2>Manage Employee controls</h2>

Manage Employee controls

See transaction history, who did what and when
• Restrict access to forms or fields by users or groups

A front to back solution; From operations all the way through to accounting and closing the books.
Seamless; One transaction feeds everything, and helps with compliance and containment.

RS creates true value for your company.
Get it done cheaper, better, and faster. Faster time to market, more reliability, product revisions, traceability for product recalls, anything a business does we are there so that they can do that function faster and more conveniently.
Make audits easy and not disrupt business. If your company requires an audit, your newly implemented Epicor system has neatly organized the data so that it can be easily accessed by the auditor. Audits become no drama and wont disrupt business.
Make recalls easy, and make them limited. If for whatever reason a recall happens, you are able to see every detail from which machine it was produced on, who helped manufacture it, to whom it was sold to. Make recalls an easy matter, and make them limited.
EPICOR is in over 20,000 businesses worldwide. Pronto Progress has implemented this industry-specific software in a number of successful businesses over the years such as NeuWave Medical.
What are we compared to our competition? We offer the full package unlike the other guys. Our 2 biggest competitiors are complacency usually involving a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet or a company making no decision which usually involves someone saying "it's always been good enough".

Make Success a habit day after day

Pronto Progress works hard to continually understand medical device clients needs, and implement robust business software solutions in our services and products.

<h2>Implement something that you'll use daily</h2>

Implement something that you'll use daily

• Instantly report transactions
• Train your employees with the most relevant data
• Email your customers easier and faster then ever

<h2>Make the job easier</h2>

Make the job easier

• Easily import and export data
• Single entry point for transactions, and eliminates spreadsheets

<h2>Maintain Individuality</h2>

Maintain Individuality

• Personalize individual screens while having access to the master data

Why not get a program that makes the job less stressful that requires menial tasks? RS takes the tasks of making invoices, creates invoices, and turns it into an automatic process. Working in operations means more day-to-day activities that builds the foundation of the company.

RS makes the business process easier for you and your employees through . . .

Enabling invoices that don't require excessive human interaction. We also enable predictive behavior.
Getting your job done cheaper, better, and faster.
Making your business more efficent so company time can be used for other means such as important meetings to improve long term plans, and improve productivity.