Wanna know what companies are saying about our employees here at Pronto Progress?

Patty Ford

"During our recent EPICOR implementation it became apparent that we were going to need a higher level of consulting than what the software manufacturer had to offer. In our search we found Pronto Progress and had the great fortune of having Patty Heinz assigned to our project. From the very beginning Patty was fully engaged in our project and took the necessary time to completely understand our business.

Next, she developed a plan of action with us to get all departments and modules fully up and running within our timeline. Throughout the implementation process Patty proved to be absolutely critical to our success. It became clear that she has a remarkable command of all the modules we had purchased (manufacturing through finance) and the most effective way to implement them in our business.

On the rare occasion when she did not have an answer, she would work tirelessly to find the solution with the folks at EPICOR.
Once we went live, Patty stood by us to field all questions and assist in any way we needed during that challenging time period. What we came to realize is that she did a great job with the implementation and really put us on a path to success.

Overall, Patty has done an incredible job and we really believe our EPICOR implementation would not have been nearly as successful if had not been for her presence during the project."

- Mike Harris Accounting Manager and Eric Clyse VP of Operations, Neuwave Medical

Joe Nehmer

"The solution is in, and has been working flawlessly for weeks. Joe did a great job and deserves thanks for this."

- Ed VanBrabant, Production Control Manager, Johnson Controls

Dwayne Jackson

"Dwayne is and continues to be one of the most competent, efficient and pleasant suppliers/developers I've ever worked with."

- Gail Cawley, Director of IT, JMA Wireless

"We 'marvel' at Dwayne's ability to hit the ground running and the initiative that he shows when tackling a new project. He is a great communicator and has a fantastic working relationship with our IT-staff. He's completed in 2 days what it's taken other folks months to still not have figured out. Pronto Progress has a GREAT resource in Dwayne."

- Bob Fredriksen, IT Manager, M. Holland Company

Andy Wasilczuk

"Andy and his team are being awarded AutoZone Decoration Merit Award winner. This team has set a new standard for both our customers; from crude pictures to a MAC based electronic catalog assembled electronically to develop visual standards."

- David Novak, Purchasing Data & Systems Coordinator, Johnson Controls

Bob Ullrich

"We wanted to let you know how much we enjoy working with Bob and appreciate the contributions he's made for our organization. Happiness is having Bob work on our account!!" -

Leslie Lombardi, Controller, Video King Gaming Systems

<b>Wanna know what companies are saying about our employees here at Pronto Progress? </b>
The folks that deliver

Some of our best Fanatic Problem Solvers

Rene - Chicago, IL
Rene - Chicago, IL

.NET, Web Services, C#, SSRS, HTML, CSS you name it. Rene's an expert. Rene joined Pronto Progress in 2017 after he graduated from Northern Illinois University in December of 2016. He was so talented, we had to have him our ranks. Today Rene works with some of our clients including Johnson Controls, Neuwave Medical (Ethicon a division of Johnson & Johnson), and Service Wire.

Chris - Saint Petersburg, FL
Chris - Saint Petersburg, FL

Epicor, QAD, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Distribution, Catalogue Systems, HTML 5, Kendo, SOAP and JSON Web Services to name just a few of Chris' specialties. Chris has a PhD in some fancy modeling system and formerly sat as the department chair at American University. You would imagine he's great under fire with his experience in Afghanistan. But, don't let Chris' British accent and self-deprecating demeanor lead you to believe that your problem won't get fixed fast and correctly. Because we guarantee, it will.

Dwayne - Santa Clarita, CA
Dwayne - Santa Clarita, CA

An Epicor 9 to 10 implementation and upgrade fanatic. Dwayne's a people person with some training chops and a geek with C#, Progress 4th G/L and VB .NET - with SOAP and JSON web services a specialty. Epicor API guru. Crystal and SSRS trainer and developer. Dwayne's been knocking down business problems in Distribution and Manufacturing since 2010.

Jose - Saint Petersburg, FL
Jose - Saint Petersburg, FL

Jose is one of our prized problem solvers with how he loves to develop systems from scratch. He has been with Pronto Progress since 2011 and loves working in QAD, SAP, and C#. Jose has most notably helped both Johnson Controls and Transition Optical with their QAD systems, and loves to get feedback from the system users on how he improved their jobs!


Often software needs to integrate, program to program. As an example, you may use SolidWorks to create a drawing which then feeds an entire bill of material and cut specifications to your EPICOR ERP system. Writing this integration gives the business an easy pay-back and minimizes data re-entry errors. But there is no user interface that most people think of when they think of software development. Another example of integration would be simply integrating SalesForce with your QAD customer addresses for ordering and shipping. We'll implement that integration so your users will enjoy the experience of changing the data in only one place, yet seeing it appear in the other properly.


Pronto's employees have broad experience across many application development languages. Our name implies one of our strenghts, that being Progress 4th G/L and it's many versions. None the less, Microsoft languages such as C#, and VB (Visual Basic), Apple's iOS Objective C and Swift or Oracle's JAVA and certainly Javascript or Telerik's NativeScript are all easily under our fingertips. The list is long and growing and the point is simple, we'll use the best tool for your work today and going forward.

Applications Development
Applications Development

The application designer create and outline different applications and programming that give answers for your business needs. The improvement steps is predictable of outlining procedure, building applications, testing it, and dispatching it to the customer.


We offer high quality support for your business

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