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Done Once Done Right For You
The Secret Value Small Business’ Hold True
Loyalty is the answer? For business owners, specifically business owners of smaller organizations of say under 100 employees, profit is usually not their primary motivator. Improving processes is not necessarily this business owner’s highest priority either. Long ago I thought I knew that business owners chiefly prefer one particular employee quality over all the others... Read More

A Pronto Progress Success: Dwayne Jackson
Dwayne Jackson is one of the few native Floridians of Pronto Progress. He was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Dwayne obtained his Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems from Florida A&M University where he met and later married his college love. They have a one 4-year-old son, Dylan, who keeps him sharp with his quick wit... Read More

What's The Plan Pronto Progress?
When speaking to potential clients, there are a few things they want to know before they agree to do a business project with you. How much it will cost, and how long will it take to be completed? Answering both questions is tough, and normally you won't get an immediate answer. When it comes to… Read More

An Interview with Jose Valiente, One of our Star Problem Solvers
Jose Valiente has worked with Pronto Progress since August 2011, and still sees himself working for Pronto Progress for years to come. Jose is originally from Cuba, served in the air force, and has worked in 8 different cities over his career. Jose obtained his Bachelors in MIS from Metropolitan University (now known today as … Read More

Fear of Failure VS. Learning From Failure
Changing processes in any business is really difficult. Repeatedly, mid-level managers hide behind complaints; blame the software; and really avoid any thought of implementing a change. They fear the risk of failure because of rank-and-file resistance. It’s hard work to boot! Me? If you’re not failing you’re not trying hard enough. That’s just me talking... Read More

Learning In The Modern Software Field
As far as training goes, there are companies that choose to put their new employees right out into the field to "sink or swim". As a company that has been around since 1981, we have tried that technique ourselves, and to be frank it doesn't work. About 6 six years ago we decided to revolutionize… Read More