Go Forward Overview

Go Forward is a simple subscription that allows your company's employees to get a written Solution Statement and leverage action toward the opportunities and ideas that happen in every business. Sure you can call Go Forward a software help desk or technical support, but it's also so much more. Business action requires answers to these common questions:
1) "How much will this idea cost?"
2) "How long will this idea take to do?"
3) "How much does Pronto think this idea will save us?"

How do you Go Forward?


Step 1: Call and we'll send you; or download the terms.
Step 2: Review and agree to the terms.
Step 3: Pay Pronto Progress.
     See: How much does the subscription cost?
     See: Why is Go Forward a Subscription?
Step 4: You grant us access to your system(s) that you anticipate our assistance with.
Step 5: We'll assign your Service Righter immediately and you can get started.

Then, you have a thought

Step 1: You have a thought and decide to share that opportunity and engage Pronto.
        See: What is an Opportunity?
Step 2: You open the Opportunity with your Pronto Service Righter. Call, email, text or whatever…
Step 3: Service Righer prepares a Solution Statement including price.
        See: What is a Solution Statement?
Step 4: You review the Solution Statement and decide:
     a) DIY - Do it yourself perhaps with the instructions in the Solution Statement
     b) Go Forward with Pronto Professional Services and pay Pronto Progress
          a. How much does each Solution Statement Cost?
          b. What's your guarantee that we'll do a good job?
     c) Table it for later

How much does the subscription cost?

The Go Forward plan is a monthly subscription which costs $495.00USD, 400,00€, $545.00 CAD per month. This entitles your firm to unlimited Solution Statement(s) per month where you decide to engage Pronto Professional Services and three (3) Solution Statements per month which you DIY or table. Additional DIY or tabled Solution Statements are available at a 75% discount. Keep in mind that any Solution Statement where you've engaged Pronto Professional Services doesn't count toward your monthly quota of 3!

How much does each Solution Statement Cost?

Each Solution Statement is free to subscribers. If you choose to engage Pronto Professional Services, that cost is stated in the Solution Statement as a fixed quote, as are the deliverables and our time frame. You incur the Pronto Professional Services cost if and only if you choose to Go Forward on that particular Solution Statement with Pronto Professional Services. You're always free to DIY, give it to another provider, or table it.

What's your guarantee that you'll do a good job?

You are the judge. If Pronto Professional Services implements a Solution Statement you have 30 days from the date of the implementation to request a 100% refund for those Pronto Professional Services for that Solution Statement.

Why is Go Forward a Subscription?

Pronto needs a framework, a contract, under which we perform the services. The subscription provides both parties with the fundamental security of non-disclosures, licensing and your access to our 30-day money back guarantee on every Solution Statement done as part of Go Forward.

What is an Opportunity?

An Opportunity could be almost anything related to business processes.

  • Your invoicing clerk quit and no one knows how to do invoicing.
  • You can't do W2 statements because of a software bug.
  • You want to upgrade to a new version.
  • You want to streamline the shipping process.
  • You want to understand how the system is calculating inventory cost.
  • You are updating prices and forgot how.
  • You want to upgrade your ERP software.
  • The system inventory quantities don't match the physical location.
  • What formulation system should we use for our business.
  • You need to do something in Microsoft Excel.
  • The system is too slow.
  • You want a new logo.
  • You want a blog site.
  • You need a product video.
  • You need a user guide.
  • The catalogue needs automating.
  • You're thinking of an online vendor portal.
  • You need to onboard a new EDI partner like Walmart.
  • Integrate CRM Salesforce.
  • Integrate with Amazon Web Services.
  • Integrate with Infusionsoft.
  • You bought another company and you want to integrate them into your system.
  • You are concerned that the backups aren't happening.
  • You are inundated with auditor questions and have no time to do payroll.
  • and more…

    An Opportunity could be absolutely urgent or just wondering.

  • You want to streamline the shipping process with accurate shipping costs at order entry time.
  • How well does the software you purchased support capacity to promise?
  • and more…

    An Opportunity could be related to any software, or not software related.

  • You want to upgrade your ERP software.
  • You need to do something in Microsoft Excel.
  • You're concerned over inventory valuation because some inventory moves slowly and its pricing is highly volatile and you hedge your purchases.
  • Your invoicing clerk quit and no one knows how to do invoicing.
  • and more…

    You may need help from time to time and already handle many opportunities with your own staff.

  • The network administrator doesn't know the business system that well.
  • The business analyst is busy with a big project on search engine optimization.
  • The CFO knows Fishbowl, not EPICOR.
  • and more…

    You may just want a second opinion on some opportunity.

  • The accountant is unfamiliar with the IRS R&D tax credit.
  • You've been told EPICOR Projects are hard to work with.
  • and more…

    What is a Solution Statement?

    Usually some or all of these item(s) are found in a Pronto Solution Statement.
  • Executive Overview
  • Return on Investment
  • Cost
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Deliverables
  • Alternatives
  • Timeline
  • Resources
  • Use Cases/Examples
  • Completion Criteria
  • Assumptions/Constraints
  • Change Request Process
  • Documentation
  • Back out plan

  • Examples
    Statement of Work for Agra Industries
    Chicago Hardware Part On Hand Search Solution Statement
    Madison Matilda W2 Oppurtunity

    What about…

    What's best for you?

    Sometimes you don't need to hear all the options. You need the best option for you! That's what Pronto will strive to give you. The best option, considering your company and needs.

    Is this just for bugs?

    Heck no! You need to go forward, not have rules read back to you. If the data is bad and needs a fix, it'll get fixed through the Solution Statement.

    Isn't this what I pay for every year with my ERP vendor?

    Ah, no. Not all of it. Pronto will leverage that purchase on your behalf.

    Service Righter(s)

    Figure 1 Dwayne, Patty, Susan, Melody, Andy, Grace, Hunter, Chris, Jason

    Our service Righters will work with work with a variety of people including EPICOR support, Infor support, QAD support, Microsoft Dynamics support, others, and perhaps even your companies paid technical support partners. No matter where you are be it Chicago, Tampa, Los Angeles, or somewhere else in the United States or even Canada or Mexico we are here to help. With years of experience, these Service Righters have a few special talents. We've listed only a for brevity.

    Dwayne: EPICOR, C#, MVC, Service Connect, Crystal, SSRS

    Patty: INFOR Syteline, EPICOR, Financial, SAP, Fishbowl, Crystal, SSRS, Job costing, C#, Videos

    Susan: Human Resources, video, and Survey Monkey

    Melody: Human Resources, H1B, Green Card, and Survey Monkey

    Andy: QAD, Automotive, EDI, Progress, OpenEdge, MES, Shipping, Inventory, Financials, Job Costing

    Grace: Web sites, graphics, video, and marketing content

    Hunter: We're not sure what the old duffer does anymore

    Chris: MVC/HTML5, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kendo, MES, EPICOR, QAD, Merchant Services, Shipping

    Jason: EPICOR, Financial Report Designer, Peachtree, Accounting, Payroll, SSRS