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contract - on/off site - dedicated - focused

Pronto Progress specializes in technical business problem solving. Our relationship based contract service allows our customers to flexibly staff projects or support with full time or part time or on-call staffing.
Pronto serves Johnson Controls as their QAD Center of Excellence (COE). The QAD COE staff of Pronto Progress is nearly all on-site at JCI or their plants world wide. JCI has recognized individual work by Pronto Progress dozens of times since 1981.
Focused talent will get your project finished so that you can realize the returns on your idea.

fixed price
stated content projects
for ROI driven Customers

Project specialists for Manufacturing, Distribution and Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MRO).
These projects often involve ERP upgrades, new product deployments or implementation of ideas or best practices. Management, implementation, training and documentation are included.
No design or well developed Request for Quotation RFQ - no problem. Pronto Progress offers a unique two stage project development plan. We will develop the design and subsequent development implementation Statement of Work for a fixed price. This gives the customer the ability to state the problem one time and get a solution. Done Once, Done Right even when you have an idea,
ANY IDEA to a GREAT IDEA when Pronto puts our shoulder to it.

enterprise service provider

Cafeteria style Support with a responsive Service Level Agreement. Your business will have access to subject matter experts in minutes and hours, not days or weeks. Fanatic technologists who measure their time in minutes and work to complete tickets without interruption.
Enterprise Services coverage includes
Network & Internet
DBA and Backups
QAD, INFOR, EPICOR, Prophet 21, Manage 2000
EDI, QUOTES, Shop Floor, eCommerce, MES, Capacity to Promise, Scheduling, KPI
Down rev support Vantage, Vista, Syman, Syteline, Symix - our Status QUO support
SLA Service Level Agreements to 1 hour response. On site staff Augmentation Functional support for front and back office. Temporary functional support for Accounting Engineering, Purchasing and Scheduling

Technology Solutions

Business applications and processes for manufacturers and distributors who use:
EPICOR-Vantage, Vista, Prophet 21
INFOR-Syteline, Symix, Syman
Progress & Openedge
.NET, C#, VB, HTML 5, MVC, APIs, Silverlight

Pronto implements, provides, updates, and supports mobile applications, reporting, EDI, ShopFloor, MES, eCommerce, and more. 


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Your Infrastructure Your lifeblood

Your Infrastructure Your lifeblood


We install, update and configure routers, switches, firewalls. We'll fix any network issue, or we'll stay on the phone with the service provider until they cave and fix their stuff.


We use Rocket Software and other means to measure network performance, and to secure your infrastructure from unauthorized access and misuse. Your network is critical to your business functions and hey, don't we know it.


Been hacked by the CryptoLocker virus?

CryptoLocker is a ransomware trojan which targeted computers running Microsoft Windows, believed to have first been posted to the Internet on 5 September 2013.

Well complete backups would have saved you that fat stack of ransom cash.

Health checks are another way Pronto Progress can isolate a problem before you notice it.

Use the Pronto Progress ESP Plan and be assured we'll get you back up and right ASAP